On 19 December, 2013 - 19 January, 2014 National Museum of Georgia hosts Festival Iberia, ’Leiden History Pages’, photo exhibition of Erwin Olaf - a renowned Dutch photographer, inspired by one of the most impressionable episodes in the history of the Netherlands, the Siege and Relief of Leiden and paintings of Medieval Dutch artists.

Artist of the year 2014, magister of world modern photography Erwin Olaf, by means of modern technologies has reached such a harmony of colours and lighting, when the photo is bright and calm at the same time. Impressive portraits, still lives and a monumental history piece at Leiden St. Peter Cathedral (Pieterskerk) were created in the traditions of classical painting. It should be noted that the working process looked like art-performance, with the participation of a large number of Leiden citizens in the casting. With Erwin Olaf’s this photo series a peculiar genre 'History Photography'* has been inculcated in world art.

Where: Georgian National Museum, D. Shevardnadze National Gallery, Tbilisi, Rustaveli avenue 11
When: 19 December, 2013 - 19 January, 2014, Tuesday-Sunday 10:00-18:00
More information: www.festivaliberia.nl

* For this series and its predecessors in the history of photography, curator Maartje van den Heuvel of Leiden University introduced the genre term 'history photography', by analogy with the term 'history painting' as it has always been used in art history.

Erwin Olaf

Erwin Olaf (1959) - the Artist of the Year 2014, one of the most outstanding and high class photographers is the winner of a number of competitions and festivals. His works are displayed in advertisments of such known brands as: Heineken, BMW, Microsoft, Nokia, Levi’s, Diesel, Hennessey, Lavazza, Vogue, etc. Another part of Erwin Olaf’s art-house is dedicated to completely different themes. Festival Iberia presents to Georgian audience one of such series: 'Leiden History Pages'.

Erwin Olaf is known for his sophisticated, ingenious style, in which his exceptionally modern photo series and commercial photos too are created. Respect, love and deep knowledge of classical art are felt in his works. Erwin Olaf’s art is exhibited in the world’s biggest and most prestigious venues.