Festival Iberia itself is a culture, which travels to different places and brings authenticity, prettiness and bright emotions to different peoples. New, unknown, distant, but familiar Western culture in the East, North Sea emotion in the Black Sea space – Festival Iberia indulges Georgian audience and art lovers and invites them to participate in the festival of impressions. As usual, the star of the Festival is a high class artist. This time Tbilisi hosts Dutch top-photo artist Erwin Olaf.

Dutch Foundation ArtEcho together with its partners and sponsors presents the fourth edition of the Festival Iberia ’Leiden History Pages’

In the history of every country there are episodes that show the character and mentality of the nation. One of the most significant history pages of the Netherlands is the Siege and Relief of Leiden from Spanish conquerors on 3 October, 1574. King William of Orange (Willem van Oranje) decided to reward the heroism of Leiden citizens and offered them to choose: tax freedom or foundation of a university. Long-suffering, but gloried and victorious Leiden inhabitants chose university. Thus second oldest university in Europe was founded in Leiden- Rembrandt’s hometown in 1575.

Magician of modern photography Erwin Olaf gave own interpretation to this most significant episode in the history of The Netherlands, which was commissioned by Leiden University and Leiden’s municipal Museum De Lakenhal in 2011.

For the first time Georgia will host The Artist of the Year 2014 Erwin Olaf - distinguished representative of contemporary photo art. The exhibits of the exquisite exhibition, Erwin Olaf’s photo series about the Siege and Relief of Leiden, are leaving the Netherlands for the first time and arriving in Georgia.


Photos: Leiden University Library collection, series 'Erwin Olaf: The Siege and relief of Leiden' (1574), commissioned by Museum De Lakenhal and Leiden University.