Concert Rustavi in the Hartebrug Kerkt in Leiden, 23 March 2012

Magnificent surrounding of the church for magnificent music. Welcome speeches, organizers and special guests. The ensemble and the public. Standing applause and attention – a day to remember.

Art exhibition in Leiden, 23-24-25 March 2012

Opening of the exhibition in four Leiden galleries: Frederiek van der Vlist, Zone, Kunsthuizen and Patries van Dorst. Art works and guests, a reception set with truly Georgian generosity, journalists and visitors, pictures and faces.

Rustavi in the Keukenhof, 24 March 2012

A photo-impression of the second festival day. Festival guests enjoying the blossoming spring park and the open-air concert of Rustavi at the Mill square in the Keukenhof. Pictures of a beautiful Dutch-Georgian local time.

Concert of the Georgian National Ensemble Rustavi in the Kerk Den Burght (Texel), 25 March 2012

Festival team on its way to Texel, first glimpses of the island and the concert at the sun-lit church in Den Burg. Then, a moment of silence, emotional songs and flowers brought to the graves of Georgian WWII heroes.

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