And there is time. Time that flows like a river and time that stands still like a tree in a windless day. Time that changes and preserves everything. Time that gives spontaneity and wisdom, stability and transformation, memories and new impressions. With every new curl, time reflects life. In 2012 Festival Iberia takes you to a Georgian time travel.

Every place in the world has its own local time. It doesn’t have much to do with the distance from Greenwich as time is the dimension that defines people’s lives: events, history, culture and personal perception. Georgia has in this sense a very peculiar local time – the time where the past and the present are interlaced and tied together. Everything is united, mingled, and the time creates a particular, unforgettable atmosphere. The country of mythological Argonauts and ancient Christian churches, Georgia is an amazing blend of history, traditions and modern dynamics. Its culture is a chest of all-time treasures that Georgians know how to cherish and to share like no one else. 

Festival Iberia 2012 brings this mysterious local time to the Netherlands and opens a new page of Georgian culture for you!


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