Art in Georgia is time, time is art. Everything is interconnected, molten together. Time is the carrier of artistic traditions and techniques, the source of inspiration and the main conserver of images and colours. Georgian artists live and create not only on the crossroads of Europe and Asia, but also on the crossing between traditions and modernity, between ancient culture and contemporary, dynamic technological and cultural development.

Festival Iberia 2012 "Georgia: Local time" offers you a possibility to enjoy this fascinating crossing of eras and to touch a piece of Georgian local time. Four Leiden galleries are featuring controversial and startling collections consisting of different forms of art: each of them has its own, unique history, but all of them are shining with the same, recognizable Georgian light. Festival Iberia offers a very special selection in 2012: Georgian batik made with ancient techniques and with modern influences, contemporary fine arts with pure Georgian motives and inspirations and even the ultra-modern photography with different topics and in different styles where old and new Georgia is reflected. Everything to make you dream of Georgia!


Paata Kuparadze

kuparadzePaata Kuparadze was born October 13, 1970 in Tbilisi. In 1994 Paata graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Art, department of architecture. In summers, he would work in Prof. S. Janashia Georgian State Museum, Kvirila Poll archeological expedition as an architects. After graduating Academy, he worked as a designer, an art director, and an architect.
 He, together with a group of architects, is the winner of a number of architectural competitions. He died on November 12, 2005.

Upon the initiative and with the support of the First Lady of Georgia Sandra Elisabeth Roelofs Festival Iberia 2012 brings a very special collection of the works by Paata Kuparadze to the Netherlands. The exhibition of this collection was organized by Sandra Elisabeth Roelofs in Tbilisi in 2011 and now it is for the first time presented in the Netherlands. The works of this exceptionally talented painter have won the heart of the First Lady not for nothing. His creations represent the endless quest for consciousness and cosmic harmony, a surrealistic mixture of light, colours and dream-images that are impossible to attribute to one style or art-movement. The exhibition is titled "Colour party" and this title reflects fully the hypnotizing, multi-dimensional, charming force of the artistic universe created by Paata Kuparadze. It is a feast of astonishing, timeless Georgian colours.

Irine Chutkerashvili

chutkerashviliIrine Chutkerashvili
 was born on 23.02.1977 in Khashuri, Georgia. She graduated from the I. Nikoladze School of Painting and from the A. Kutateladze Tbilisi State Art Academy, faculty of Fine arts. She also received a post-graduate degree from Kutateladze Tbilisi State Art Academy, at the Faculty of Restoration of painting.

Irine has been working as a painter-restaurateur at the Restoration Department of Patriarchate of Georgia. Her works were exhibited in numerous galleries and exhibition halls in Georgia, like the Gallery of Caucasian House, Art Exhibition Hall of National Library of parliament of Georgia, Ethnographical museum of Tbilisi, etc. Irine Chutkerashvili received two personal awards for her artistic achievements.

Maka Medzmariashvili

makaMaka Medzmariashvili (1961 – 2011) graduated from the State Academy of Arts, Tbilisi in 1986. Since 1986 she has been regularly taking part in various Georgian and international exhibitions. In 1989 her works were exposed in a group exhibition of Georgian artists in Finland (Helsinki). In 1990 she had exhibitions in Yugoslavia (Zagreb), then in 1992 in Russia (Moscow). Her paintings were further exhibited in Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Bulgaria and the Netherlands. Her works are owned by the Georgian Museum of modern Art and private collections in Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Russia, Azerbaijan, the Netherlands and the USA.

Yuri Mechitov

Yuri Mechitov
mechitov"Thousands of my negatives are waiting for their hour. Sometimes I think not to shoot more, but dig up archives."

"My first exhibition was displayed in 1979 in Tbilisi. I started to work mainly in documentary genre, now I find I like to shoot people, I was happy to get into the art-world. It happened occasionally, but I believe that it was as it should be."

Yuri Mechitov was born in 1950. Acquired a profession of a mining engineer. In 1979 his first photo exhibition was held in Tbilisi that followed by the exhibition in London, Vienna, Bratislava, Edinburg and etc. Since 1983 he is the painter-photographer of film studio "Georgia-Film". He collaborates with press, takes photos for ADS and designs books. He held up to 20 solo and up to 50 group exhibitions in Georgia and other countries and is the author of various publications.

Irma Sharikadze

Irma Sharikadze
Irma-sharikadzeIrma Sharikadze graduated in 1997 with a degree in ceramics from the M. Toidze School of Arts in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Her first solo exhibition "Phantom" took place in 2004 in Old Tbilisi as a part of the Tbilisoba festival. Since then Sharikadze has worked on both artistic and commercial projects with great success. The artist is interested in and continues to assess lives of "Mythical Women of Different Times". Irma also works with leading Georgian and Russian fashion designers on developing their portfolios. Irma Sharikadze lives in Tbilisi, Georgia but has footholds in London, Paris and Moscow.

Leli Blagonravova

Leli Blagonravova

leliLeli Blagonravova started her career of photographer in 1995. She worked for the newspaper “7 dge” (“7 days”) as a photo-reporter. She was making political photo reportages, was developing films and printing photos from films. From 1996 to 1998 Leli Blagonravova  worked in a press-service department of the president of Georgia, and from 1999 to 2003,  in a news agency
“ Sakinform”. She has also been working for various international newsagencies and editions. In 2003 she founded a school of Photojournalism.  Nowadays, she works as a free photojournalist and documentary photographer. She also works in the field of advertising and style photography.

Madona Burjanadze

Madona Burjanadze
madona-burjanadzeMadona Burjanadze was born on April 17, 1953 in Baghdadi, village Obcha. 
In 1970 she graduated the high school of Obcha. From 1971 till 1972 she was studying in the studio of State Academy of Arts. In 1978 she graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and gained the specialization of artistic designer of clothes.


From 1978 till 1995 she was working at Tbilisi Silk Factory as an Artist-Designer. Since 1995 she works as an independent painter and participates in various exhibitions. Festival Iberia presents the unique, charming works created in batik technique by Madona Burjanadze. These works bring a new, Georgian-coloured vision of this amazing art, so much appreciated in the Netherlands.

3.05.2012 t/m 30.09.2012 Op Zoek naar Pirosmani
Discover authentic Georgian emotions in the world famous masterpieces by Niko Pirosmani in Dordrechts museum. Further information available www.dordrechtsmuseum.nl

When: 23.03.2012 – 25.03.2012

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