Ensemble Rustavi

"Georgian polyphonic chant is unique in the musical traditions of the world" – De Telegraaf
"Rustavi travels around the world as a treasurer of this art" – Algemeen Dagblad
"Unforgettable experience" – LOS magazine

These excellent reviews are not surprising because the concerts of Georgian National Ensemble Rustavi (www.ensemblerustavi.com) are indeed absolutely breath-taking. The voices of Rustavi tell musical stories that turn reality into a fairy-tale. Enjoy the unique sensation of beauty and harmony at three different locations!

Georgian musical tradition is unique: it combines Western and Eastern sonorities, brings together history and modernity, revives the past and looks out into the future. Ancient art, astonishing voices, brilliant techniques. Georgian polyphonic chant is proclaimed by UNESCO to be the "Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage". Since 1977 one of these songs is dwelling in space together with the world classics aboard the NASA spaceship "Voyager". And to know that this musical treasure is performed by the leading Georgian ensemble!

With its history, traditions and the world-wide recognition, with over 5000 concerts in more than 80 countries, Rustavi can undoubtedly be called the best group in the field of Georgian traditional music. Since Festival Iberia 2010 the Dutch audience has been literally conquered by Rustavi. In March 2012, responding to countless requests, these public favourites are back in the Netherlands for just three concerts.

The majestic interior and the marvellous acoustics of the Hartebrug church in Leiden, the bright, blooming colours and the fresh breeze of an open-air concert in Keukenhof, Lisse or the romantic, sea-side atmosphere of Texel – Rustavi choir can make miracles at any stage. The voices go deep into your heart, mesmerize you with an ancient fairy-tale and resonate together with long-forgotten memories. Be assured, the time will stand still for as long as the music sounds.

Concert 1

When: 23 March 2012, 19:30
Where: Hartebrug Kerk, Harlemeerstraat 110, Leiden
Tickets: € 20, you can buy tickets 1 hour before the concert at location

Concert 2

When: 24 March 2012, 15:00 and 16:00
Where: Keukenhof, Stationsweg 166a, Lisse
Tickets: the concert is included into the price of the entrance tickets to the Keukenhof park

Concert 3

When: 25 March 2012, 15:00
Where: Kerk Den Burg, Binnenbrug 2, Den Burg, Texel
Tickets: € 20, you can buy tickets 1 hour before the concert at location

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