Once you get on a Festival Iberia train, make sure to get a return ticket: our cultural trip revolves and continues like an echo. In 2010 Festival Iberia coloured the Dutch city of Leiden into Georgian sparkling tints. In 2011 Festival Iberia is coming to the Georgian capital with a load of exciting Dutch treats: contemporary animation and graphics by one of the most conceptual Dutch artists Gerrit van Dijk.

Award winner at many international film festivals and competitions, founder of the ‘NIAF’ (Dutch Institute of Animation Films) and of HAFF (Holland Animation Film Festival), professor of animation at the Tilburg Academy of Arts, jury member of different international film festivals, Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion Gerrit van Dijk is far more than just animation filmmaker.

Before your very eyes this magician will be taking out of his black hat such witty, philosophical and contradictory objects as: a Renoir with Mickey Mouse ears, a moving Escher, a singing Mondriaan, a break-dancing Pope, or even a neatly documented international toilet history. He can animate and reanimate, show the invisible and hide the obvious, he can create a masterfully grotesque world and then erase it with a rubber. And for the first time he will share his secrets with everyone who has the mind open! Festival Iberia.

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